Alternatives To Treating Psoriasis

Psoriasis Alternative Treatment

Every psoriasis sufferer use different medication therapies in order to treat psoriasis symptoms and the degree of success may vary.  It is also important to search for treatment alternatives like home remedies for treating psoriasis. In order to get relief from this annoying and chronic skin issue the sufferers usually need to use multiple treatment methods. Here are some most recommended alternative therapies to treat psoriasis.


Use Herbs to Treat Psoriasis  

The symptoms of psoriasis treatment with home remedies usually include different herbs. The use of herb as medicine is in practice from ancient times. For example, in China, the use of herbs is quite famous if not more than conventional method of treating psoriasis. The best thing about herbal treatment is that it is cheap and it can be custom made for every sufferer of psoriasis. This means some herbs work for some sufferers and not all.

Another advantage of herbs is that it can help in dealing with the root cause. If you check out this psoriasis guide, it’s stated that milk thistle extract, aloe and also hazel witch are some general herbs that can be used for treating skin conditions like psoriasis. Do no start any alternative treatment or herbal treatment without discussing your doctor as an allergic reaction can occur. Please check out this website for more info on how to treat psoriasis.

The option of Holistic Medicine

Its use dates back to many centuries by Greeks and Hindus, and the best part is that this approach not only cures the disease but also the overall health of the patient in which mental as well as physical health is included. In case of holistic medicine the patient can fight against the disease by healing the body and mind.

Acupuncture for Psoriasis

This method of treatment is an old Chinese practice in which the entire body is taken as energy system pathways and treatment is based on finding the blocks in these pathways of energy, it is then fixed.

In patients of psoriasis acupuncture can be combined with herbal treatments. Psoriatic arthritis can be specifically healed with acupuncture. You can also find out more about other psoriasis treatment methods at as they have comprehensive info on this skin disease.

Homeopathy to treat psoriasis

A German physician and pharmacist namely Samuel Hahnemann started this treatment therapy more than two centuries ago. While the patients are on homeopathy treatment then use of other strong medicines like the prescription ones is not permitted. There is still no known reason behind why and how this therapy works.

Starting any dosage, the patients need to answer many question related to feelings, lifestyle, needs etc. This treatment works slowly and it is different for every patient. The symptoms usually become worst initially when the patient starts this therapy and this shows that the treatment is right.


This psoriasis treatment method dates back to the time of Hippocrates and according to this the body can cure itself by following right diet and lifestyle.

In this psoriasis treatment method the patients are recommended to use various ways to eliminate toxins like drinking lots of water, changing diet (following a particular diet for psoriasis), less sugar, no caffeine and alcohol, no smoking, adopting exercise program, using different supplements, reducing stress etc. When you will be healthy then psoriasis and other diseases will stay away from you.

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Window Replacement Company

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Unknown Psoriasis Remedies That Can Do Wonders

Finding an ultimate solution to treat psoriasis is challenging. Psoriasis is not fatal but one would not like to suffer from this disease. This disease is not only painful, makes the patients uncomfortable and also social stigma is attached too when you are afflicted with psoriasis.

Chronic sufferers of psoriasis usually try to find new and effective ways of treating psoriasis. For temporary relief you must have tried costly over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, lotions, and creams. Also available are some natural psoriasis treatment options too in order to get rid of psoriasis.

This article will cover 7 natural treatments for psoriasis…

1. Proper Shower

Avoid bathing with hot water and do not spend too much time in the shower. This can result in drying up and irritation of the skin.

Using mineral, vegetable or olive oil for relieving the inflammation and itching are best. Applying lotion after the shower in to keep the moisture in is a must.

2. Fragrance Free Moisturizer and Lotion

Do not forget to apply some moisturizer throughout the day. Always opt for fragrance free and good quality moisturizers.

Lotions with strong scents can cause irritation to the skin.

3. Choose All-Natural Products

Say “no” to synthetic products for your body like soaps for hands and bath, shampoo as well as makeup. Switching to all natural and fragrance free products is must at this point.

In case of laundry detergent opt for the ones that are free of fragrance and of clear type brand.

4. Finding an Ideal Temperature

Weather changes can cause flare-ups of psoriasis. Too warm or hot weather gives rise to sweating. This sweat further gives rise to irritation then itching as well as scratching. Due to constant scratching skin injuries can occur.

Therefore, finding an ideal temperature is important. Be tolerant in this exercise. Spending time in extreme temperatures is not a good idea. This exercise will require some help from your colleagues at work.

5. Drink Lots of Water

One effective way to hydrate your body from inside out is drinking plenty of water.

In moisturized skin the chances of psoriasis outbreaks decreases.

6. Include Omega 3 Rich Food

In order to stay away from outbreaks of psoriasis one cannot make a specific list of right and wrong food.

However, as per researches supplementing your meal with nuts or fish can reduce future flare ups as these are full of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Also, Omega 3 is helpful in minimizing the healing time for any psoriasis flare-ups.

7. Taking Natural Health Supplements Good for the Skin

There are chances that when you try to intake supplements that are rich with Omega 3 fatty acids, there are possibilities that getting enough of this important nutrient may not be possible. The reason is that the Omega 3 fatty acids are very sensitive and can be easily destroyed by heat, oxygen, light.

Supplement it with flax seed oil or fish oil as it is good.

Do not forget to add health supplements like Vitamin C and E to your supplement list. Some other great options include oral intake or external application of Aloe Vera as well as Olive Oil.